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Sunday Mornings (15 minutes following Worship Gathering)

The Christian life is a journey that is best traveled with others. At VineBranch
Community Church, we believe that our connection and commitment to other
believers is vital.

A primary way that we connect people with one another is through informal
weekly gatherings known as Core Groups. These groups exist to promote the
development of significant spiritual relationships centered around the study of
God’s Word. Each week we’ll discuss a portion of God’s Word as it relates to
the current sermon series, with the goal of learning how to apply and live out our
faith in our day-to-day experiences and relationships.

You will have opportunity to share what’s happening in your life as well as learn
how to care for one another and your community through praying, listening, meeting needs, and encouraging or challenging one another as needed.

Come check out our Core Groups to find the right one for you!

Why Sermon-based Core Groups?

VineBranch Sermon-based Small Group Ministry

Do you have a  hobby that you enjoy?

If so, consider taking the opportunity to do it with others who enjoy the same things from time to time in order to:

1.) Connect and build relationships with fellow believers.

2.) Engage non-believers or unchurched people.

3.) Build a bridge between church and community.